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The Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Centre

The History of the Kilt

Welcome to Scotland’s only visitor attraction devoted to our famous national dress. When you visit The Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Centre in Inverness, you’ll enjoy a fascinating insight into the history, tradition and culture of the kilt - from its origins through to the present day. Set within our kiltmaking workshop, the Centre creates a colourful, authentic and memorable experience, brought to life with audio-visual, costume and tartan displays in all their brilliance. You’ll see kilts being made for export all over the world and kilts being made for our own retail shops in Inverness. Visit The Scottish Kiltmaker Centre - and discover a traditional dress that dates back hundreds of years - and still has cultural resonance today!

The Craft of the Kiltmaker

At The Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Centre, you can meet the people who make kilts, and discover for yourself the craftsmanship and expertise that goes into the making of each and every kilt - from the cutting of the cloth, to the pleating and stitching. Employing skilled men and women, the Centre enables visitors to see the different stages of kilt manufacture and the individual care lavished on every kilt. How much cloth is needed to make a kilt? How many pleats make it hang properly? What’s the correct length? What’s the correct way to wear full Highland Dress? This is where you’ll find the answers to all these questions!

Handmade Kilt Demonstrations

A handmade kilt is a treasured possession and a statement of national identity for its wearer. When you see our Handmade Kilt Demonstration, you’ll understand the romance, history and tradition woven into it - and why everyone who wears the tartan does so with such pride!

"Kilted Hall of Fame" - A Short Film

Watch our specially commissioned, light-hearted film and see how many famous names and places you can recognise. These range from Harry Lauder to Laurel and Hardy, from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo to beautiful Eilean Donan Castle near the Isle of Skye. You’ll discover the rich cultural heritage of the kilt and the part it continues to play in Scotland’s history.

Wearing the Kilt Worldwide

At The Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Centre, you’ll discover the many international destinations our kilts reach and learn about some of the people who wear them. From people in the Americas with distant Scottish ancestry, to the Scots living in their own country who maintain the tradition and wear the tartan with pride!

Visit The Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Centre soon - and be part of Scotland’s proud heritage!