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Royal British Legion Scotland Tartan

Exclusively available from Highland House of Fraser in a variety of garments; Kilts, Trews, Trousers, Jackets, Waistcoats, Ties, Kilted Skirts, Sashes, etc.

Please contact Highland House of Fraser to place an order.

The idea of a Legion tartan came about when the RBLS HQ called for ideas to celebrate the RBLS 90th Anniversary. The Inverness branch researched Legion tartans and although there was a tartan registered in the name of TRBL (England), they found nothing for Scotland. The Inverness branch then discussed various design options with Mr Bill Fraser of Highland House of Fraser, suggesting that the proposed tartan should represent the RBLSís colours (blue and gold). It was also suggested that the tartan should represent all three HM Services (Tri Services). Using the Tri Services colours (Royal Navy Blue, Army Khaki and Royal Air Force Blue), blend them together resulting in a purple hue, this colour was then used to represent the Tri Services. It was felt that although a great many legionnaires who served in Scottish Regiments would have been and still are proud to wear their Regimental tartans, this left a great many legionnaires whose service did not include Regimental tartans. Thus, the RBLS tartan gives every member the opportunity to wear a tartan that represents both the Tri Services and the RBLS.

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